[SPOILER] Huaramarca dream map.

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The dream in Huaramarca is an elaborate mission and difficulty select. There are three possible missions, and the mission selected varies by where you are when the dream ends.

Code: Select all

                +---peak (hard)
        |       |     +---altar (hard)
        |       |     |
        |       +---ruins
  +---caveMouth       |
  |     V             +---catacombs (medium)
  |     +------+
  |     ^      |
  |     |  +---T1---+
  |     |  |        |
  |     +--T2--+ +--T3---+
  |            | |       |
  |            | |    +--T4--+
  |            | |    |      |
  |            | | +--T5--+  |
  |            | | |      |  |
  |            | | |    lair | (easy)
  |            V V V         V
  |            precipice (hard)
  |           +---moonRoom (hard)
  |           |
  |     +---temple
  |     |     |
  |     |     +---sunRoom (medium)
        |     +---barracks (medium)
        |     |
              +---tower (hard)
easy = Destroy Dragon Slaver
One Dragon Slaver will wait for then hunt the playership.

medium = Attack (and destroy) Sung base
Base is guarded by a minimum of one Dragon slaver, four Earth slavers, and thirty Wind Slavers. Additional ships include up to four Steel Slavers and/or six more Wind Slavers. Up to three Huari destroyers guarding the temple will escort you.

hard = Defend Huari (by destroying invading Sung fleets)
Primary fleet consists of twenty Earth Slavers, each deploying from three to five Wind Slavers (for an average total of eighty Wind Slavers.) The primary fleet spawns at a distance of 350 away from gate and heads toward the Huari stations to destroy them. Secondary fleet consists of one Dragon Slaver that will hunt player after a ten second delay and thirty Wind Slavers that attack the Hurin destroyers guarding the stargate. The secondary fleet spawns at the stargate.
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The route I usually take is; village > fortress > barracks.

It's a good battle and decent loot.

On rare occasions I might go; village > fortress > tower. SPOILER:After I've placed bucket-loads of baricades around the temple.

It's a wicked battle and good loot.

I've only gone for just the Dragon slaver once.

Easy battle and chump loot.

Temple Tips?
SPOILER:[spoiler=]Defending the temple is easier when having the IM90 installed, enhanced and with shield buster, as well as EMPs as a secondary. Drop their shields and EMP as many Earth Slavers as possible, then IM90 the little Wind Slavers. Don't forget the baricades around the temple before entering it. Wingmen (Rama, Jenna..etc.) helps, but be careful they don't kill any Huari Destroyers, or stations. Order them to stay put a good distance away from the temple, but within firing range of the slavers. Spread them out so they don't kill each other during battle. Note: You can lose wingmen here, so choose to use them or take them someplace safe, like the sun, and park them until after the battle.[/spoiler]

EDIT (RPC): Apparently spoiler tags don't work well (aka I couldn't figure it out) so I just edited to make spoilers use small font (which I know doesn't work on mobile >.< ) + black text.
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@FAD Spoiler tags aren't working D:
I ended up just using black text + small font and didn't change any text though.
[spoiler=]apparently I can't get it to work either D:[/spoiler]
Ok, got help from IRC for this one:
Spoiler: A sad tale.
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LOL Thanks for fixing it with the old (and reliable) method, RPC. Hope the tag gets fixed soon.
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ah, ok. Were longzhu's also nerfed? i can't seem to boost my taikon 200 with them. I can only use diamond field crystals to do it and those are hard to come by.
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