Hello I'm Astraltor

Post an introduction thread about yourself here.
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I'm Astraltor.

I've played a "little" of Escape Velocity: Nova a few years ago and I liked it quite a bit. Nowadays I play a lot of Starbound, Terraria, DotA2, and Elona.

I've done a little bit of modding in Starbound.

I'njoy several online graphic narratives such as Order of the Stick; Stand Still. Stay Silent; Girl Genius; Paranatural; and Gunnerkrigg Court.

I'm Canadian and live in UTC -0500. Hang out in the #transcendence irc channel a lot.

I'Nice to meet y'all.
"You're supposed to have terrible aim in a barroom brawl. How else are you going to get everyone in the whole place involved?" - mucat
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 It’s about time you got on over here, heh. Welcome aboard. ^.^

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Hello and welcome.
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Welcome and greetings!
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welcome !!!
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