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Eta Ceti System
Ares Commune.


Taylor got on the comm and called in the evac orders.

"November! Mike and I are going in after the Terra! Take your team, the Ares ships and the Commune's escape capsules to the C.S.C Antarctica! We'll wake make it!" Taylor panicked.
"What the hell's going on Calvin? Why is the Terra glowing? Why the evac orders?" Nova said, seemingly unaware about the situation at hand.
"Admiral Decker is about to destroy this quarter. Mike and I need to be here to make sure he doesn't follow you. This is the only way." he replied calmly.
"What? You expect me to believe you?? You'll kill Michael once we're gone! I'm not going anywhere!" she thundered back.
"We'll make it lady! I won't kill your damn boyfriend! I swear okay?! Get out or you'll all get killed! Think of the thousands in the Commune! Think of your people in the Hyperion! Think of Selena! Leave god damn it!!"
"Nova! He's right, leave! Get the hell outta here! I love you baby, I always will! My life rests in you and Sally my darling, I need you both to live! Warp now!" I remember myself screaming to which Nova pleaded to the otherwise.
"Father no! We're not leaving you! Please! Warp with us!" Sally also yelled.
"Take care of your mother kid! Don't bring boys home!" I laughed back to vehement protests.
"Tychus! Warp away from the battlefield in one group! November do that 'desperate escape' thing you did in the Bermuda Nebula and warp out everyone! DO IT NOW!!" Taylor yelled furiously.
"No! Tychus we can't leave him! No! Please!! Michael!!" Nova pleaded.
"Calvin... I'm sorry for everything brother. You were our brother then, you are now and you will be forever- stay alive! Michael? I love you brother but don't expect me to walk Sally down the isle, you gotta come back and do it yourself!"
"We're good Tychus, now go! Take the damn kids and Ares ships outta here!" Taylor and I almost spoke in unison.
"Attention all Ares and Marauder ships; fall back to the Commune and prepare to warp outta here now! On my mark... MARK!!!" Tychus declared.
"No! Mike! No! Please!!!"

"He's gonna use the Lamplighter on us Mikey boy... Any last words?" Taylor remarked as we charged towards the Terra. She was now completely golden and glowing brilliantly, ready to unleash her deadly anti-matter weapon.
"Yeah... I'll have that strong coffee with you now." I laughed as we unloaded our weapons at the massive spaceship carrier.

The yellow flash blinded me and it felt as if the sun itself had been launched towards us, there were sparkles everywhere.

"Calvin! Where are you?? I can't see a damn thing!" I screamed as my ship filled up with the golden light.
"Michael!! Keep your hands on the trigger! Keep firing!" he yelled back.
I did exactly as told and kept on unleashing my MAGS and MARK 7 rounds towards the light. Less than a minute later, I began to feel the inevitable burning all over my body. The Lamplighter round had been released from it's chamber.
"I think this is it for me brother. War-wolf leader is going down. Calvin, if you live, promise to watch over Nova and Sally. Add that to your pending dying requests from the Reapers."
"Umm not happening." Calvin laughed back.
"Watching over my family?"
"No, making it out alive. I'd to watch over November and Selena. Hell yeah, I'll watch over every inch of em ha! ha! ha! See you on the other side mate."

The round sped towards us at light speed and then everything went black.


1700 hrs
Friends and Foes
"Flying with the wind"

I was flying through white clouds and a chilly winter wind blew over my body. I kept on flying through the clouds, searching, wandering and feeling until I found it. A white painted room with sparkling light flooding through the window. A white bed with white curtains tied around it, a beautiful day. Laughter echoing across the walls and two very beautiful girls in their late twenties jumping on the bed fighting with white pillows. They were in unbuttoned white linen shirts and white knickers.
"HEY... HEy...Hey... hey... What are you looking at? ooking at... ooking at... ooking at... Come!!" Jenna the younger one cried happily as her voice echoed across the room.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
"Hey! You finally made it! Come on.... come on.... " Sally cried to me but her face was unclear, it was fluctuating like a broken hologram, almost as if she was partially there.
"Oh my God! Jenna! Sally! My girls!" I cried and charged towards the bed. "Where's your mother? Where's Nova??" I said happily and dived back first, on the bed. I noticed that I was also in a white linen shirt and white trousers.
"She's not here yet but you are... I've been missing you too much! Come on and jump on the bed!" Jenna said and a small frown appeared on her face.
"Ahh girls... don't be sad. I'm sure she'll come soon but you know I can't have fun without her right? By the way, what is this place? How did you girls get here?" I said as I pulled both of the girls into my arms from each side. I unknowingly ignored Sally's fading face as I kissed both of my daughters on their face, their forehead and noses.

"I don't know daddy... We just found ourselves here. Sally came much later, I was feeling really alone. Andrew and Carlos are here too daddy, look!" Jenna pointed to a white door and two very handsome young men wearing similar clothes came running in happily with the brightest smiles on their faces. They saluted me as they entered.
"Sir? You're too?! Fantastic! Permission to jump on the bed sir?" Carlos, a pale man with a French beard cried happily in a Spanish accent.
"Granted Captain!" I screamed back happily as all five us played around on the bed.
Suddenly, I noticed Sally's body disappearing slowly from her legs up but the others continued to laugh and play.
"Sally?! What's happening! Carlos! Jenna! What's happening?!" I screamed but Jenna and the boys didn't notice or care.
"Daddy! I don't wanna go back! Please!" she cried as I looked on helplessly and within seconds she vanished.
"Yeh! Sally's gone back to mom! Hey dad! Sally's gone back to mom!" Jenna rejoiced childishly but I was fuming now.

Then the door opened and two bearded men in red Ares uniforms came marching in. Their red naval uniforms shone in stark contrast of the white environment.
The larger one pulled out some cuffs and in a near instant cuffed both of my hands. I screamed in protest but Jenna, Andrew and Carlos continued to dance and play on the bed.
"No!!! Let me go!!" I screamed.
"Bye daddy!!! I love you!" Jenna said cheerfully and my men gave mock salutes and laughed.
"What the Fack? No!! Jenna! Don't let them take me! My baby, please! Don't let daddy go!! I can't live without you baby!" I screamed in protest and the two men forcefully pulled me out of the door and my eyes went black.

My eyes opened abruptly after what seemed like ages and I found myself lying on a large bed surrounded by black transparent curtains. The bed was a neat white sheeted king-size and it was surrounded by photos of many legacy ships of the Commonwealth, Ares, Ranx and many other races. The room was dark and a chilling wind blew into it from outside.
Directly in front of me was a single portrait of a young woman but she was shrouded in darkness so I couldn't see her.

I sat up, looked around and tried to figure out where I was when a single table with a glass of water on it hovered towards me on it's own. I became somewhat suspicious of this but I picked up the water and drank anyway- I was really thirsty. The table moved away with the empty glass.
Then the bed suddenly jerked and threw me off at the front side. I didn't believe in ghosts or ghost stories so I assumed I was in some sort of alien controlled chamber or perhaps even a ship. I tried to walk out of the room but a shadowy door slammed shut on my face.

I was feeling very tired and was about to fall back unto the bed but suddenly the door opened. A tall shadow-like figure stood at the door. He had scruffy hair and a red cape lining his armor. I couldn't recognize his face until he came closer.
"You've been pooping on my bed for two days now! Oh and by the way @#$!-man, welcome to the other side." he thundered and a wide smile lit up my face.
"I don't believe this! How is this even possible??!!" I screamed in amazement.
"Welcome aboard the Normandy Stealth Recon 2. I told you I always have a trick up my sleeve." Calvin replied and walked out of the 'loft' as he referred to it.
I followed him up a series of stairs and unto the bridge. This ship's console was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. There were no control sticks, buttons or anything; just small screens and holographic projections displaying all types of data.

"So this is the elusive Normandy S.R 2. What? Did your mommy give to you?" I remarked callously.
"Something like that." he replied and handed me a cup of piping hot strong coffee. I was not used to drinking coffee- I was more of a liquor man- but I welcomed it.
"Decker" I said and sat down on the co pilot's seat.
"He thinks we're dead, both of our ships were destroyed in that Lamplighter blast. Its good too, I can plan my next move quietly now." he said as he gave a hard sip of his coffee.
"You really enjoy that raw sewage don't you? Anyway, did you get in touch with the Antarctica? Have the Marauders and the Hyperion reached them safely?"
"We're gonna find out. Sit tight, we're warping to the Elysium system."

I held tight and waited for my body to turn into Tachyons.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Militia Lieutenant
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On Board
Normandy Stealth Recon 2
Elysium System

The lone Normandy S.R 2 flew through space at 0.1% light speed. Calvin is sitting on the pilot's seat and I sat next to him in Co.
This ship was unlike any I had seen before but I was quick to understand a lot of the cockpit. The S.R 2 was neurally connected to Calvin's brain through an organic chip planted on his skull which allowed him to control the whole ship through thought- including moving furniture. A clear contact lens in his left eye allowed him to access the ships ubiquitous cameras and sensors.
A slight smirk appeared on Calvin's face as we entered into the "galactic space terminal " known as the Elysium system.
His smirk widened as we approached the Jiang's Star star-gate.

"Have you ever encountered the Sung in any of your girly truffle hunts baby Anderson?"
"I won't say I've actually met any but uhh, yea; I've done a few Slave Rescue missions with the C.S.C India."
"Good, cause we're entering their home system now. It's the only way to get to Sanctuary. Admiral Vasily Gorbachev's waiting for us on the Red Jupiter."
"You girlfre..."
"You don't like your teeth stuck to your gums do you?"

We warped into Jiang's Star without any further conversation. The Jiang's Star system was the home system of the Sung Slavers- an ancient, oriental race hell bent on slaving any and everyone they can get their hands on. Their most common victims were the weak Huari Tribes, another ancient race with origins from the Earthen continent known as Africa. They flew the stupendous but relatively feeble Huari Destroyers which were no match for the deadly Sung slaver ships. Sung generally avoided slaving the more powerful races such as the Commonwealth, Ares and especially the Ranx.
Calvin switched to stealth mode without wasting a moment and rightly so, we wanted to avoid confrontation with the slavers at all cost. While the Normandy could easily turn most Sung ships into space dust with her deadly Thanix arc-cannon, our present situation demanded we not make new enemies.

We glided towards the next star-gate at a leisurely pace and in complete silence. Calvin was busy typing C++ (yeah it survived for that long) into a mnemonic cube on the captain's console while I was busy writing this adventure into my diary. As we approached the half-way point I suddenly noticed yellow dots on the radar. I nudged Calvin and he looked up.
A single green dot being chased by around ten dots firing particles, lasers, lightening and even paper bombs at it. I looked into Calvin's deep blue eyes and waited for a reaction.
"Well? Should we assist?" I asked sheepishly but I was ignored. My partner then pulled up a holographic image the green dot on the console.
"What the fak??! An EI-500 Freighter?!" we both spat our drinks out in a vaporized mist as we gazed at the lone young female desperately fighting off Wind slavers and Steel Slavers.
"Get on the radio Mike."

"Attention Earth Industries Freighter. This is Specter flight; how do you copy?"
"Salut Specter! Je vous ecoute!" the voice replied. ( Hey Specter I hear you).
"Est ce-que avais vous besoin D'aide?" I replied. (Do you have need for help?).
"No Specter, I'm having a party here! The Sung are hitting me with pies!" she replied angrily, this time in English.
"You heard the lady. We're moving on." Calvin half smiled.
"Well, actually I'd love some pie." I said and we turned the ship.
"We're inbound pilot, hang in there. Target spotted, threat; due Delta-North; Range 300."
"Fire at will Mr. Anderson."
"Understood. Engaging the enemy Mr. Taylor."
Blue streaks raced across space at light speed as the deadly Thanix unleashed it's deadly offspring at the Slavers. The Wind Slavers evaporated within a few seconds and the Steel slavers took a few seconds longer. The Sung had a very bad habit of calling in R-Es at the slightest sign of trouble and to expect the egg shaped Earth Slavers after this little culling would not have been an overestimation.
We decided to escort the young lady to a nearby neutral Tinker so she could repair battered armor. We also decided to leave out the pleasantries until we got to the station.

"Attention Tinker Casablanca, this is Commonwealth Earth Industries cargo Freighter Charlie. Requesting permission to dock." the young lady announced as we approached.
"Nao! Fak off you little cu*t! You stupid pilgrims come ere with your fancy Commonwealth money and walk away with me precious metals!" a raspy English accented man replied.
"We need to dock only for a few hours and do repairs and I'm also out of fuel! Please allow us to dock." the young woman replied with a hint of distress in her voice.
"We? Who else is with you?! I don't see any other ship on the radar."
"And we wont see any Tinker on the radar if you don't let the nice lady dock." Calvin asserted even as thousands of little red dots ran amok on the circular station.
"Huh? What the? Okay mister, calm down. Freighter Charlie you have permission to dock."

We sat down at a round table in the Tinker's club area. The light filtered in through the tinted glass walls but was enough to give a "bright afternoon" effect in the busy eatery. The smell of rocket fuel and engine lubricant was prominent in the air barely anyone complained.

"This is Mr. Wulfric Andrews and I would like to introduce myself as Michael Baratheon. We're spice traders going through the system." I announced to the young maiden and waved towards a masked Calvin. Pilgrims often worked for the military to get the elusive Mil-Id's to upgrade their weapons. I couldn't risk revealing ourselves to our maiden in distress.
"Thank you so much for your assistance kind sirs. I am Rose Robespierre. I belong to the Order Of Saint Josephine." the pale skinned pilot extended her skinny hands.
"So you're a pilgrim? I was wondering what a weak little EI500 was doing so far up in human space." Calvin remarked as a waiter in blue uniform arrived with his holograph.
"Yes, I started my journey in Starlton Eridani. -A megathere sandwich and a glass of Bordeaux please.- I had the option to choose from three different ships and she won me over with her omnidirectional laser."
"It's the same story every time. Coffee, make it strong and anything in your specials. What are you want Lady Anderson?"
"Hmm... I'll go for a Jack and a sandwich. A pilgrim eh? Why would Domina ask you to pick fights with Sung?" I replied and pulled out my handheld.
"She didn't. I'm on a mission for the Huari. They have a fort a couple of thousand clicks from here you see. I rescue slaves for them in return for a mission that can get me a 'special' weapon from the Sung."
"The Qianlong arch-cannon. It's the Chinese attempt at the Lamplighter but they've messed up with the recharge system and are using Longzu spheres to recharge it instead. Trust me Rosy, you're better off without it." Calvin snorted, somewhat surprised at the young girl's big ambitions.
"You know a lot for spice traders. The Lamplighter, I know about it. The Emperor has already given me a special mission for it. I have to find the traitor ship C.S.C Antarctica and help destroy it. In return, I get to test out the Lamplighter in the outer systems."

The food dropped out of mine and Calvin's mouth and we stood up and walked to a side- leaving the young maiden in shock.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Tyrion on a dreadnaught? FREAKIN' AWESOME!
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Militia Lieutenant
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Tinker Casablanca
Jiang's Star System

"She's Decker's pet spy! I say we gut her right here before she spills the beans about us to the @#$!!" Calvin hard sipped his coffee.
"She can lead us to Decker! Think Calvin! She doesn't even know our names! Let's see what's she's up to first and if we detect even the slightest rat, I'll rip her out myself. I swear."
"She's not gonna cooperate so easily."
"She will... Do you think she can take on the mighty Sung herself?"
"Da Fak? We're gonna fight against the Sung and help her get the fake Lamplighter?!! You've lost your frigging mind!"
"No, we wont! She will; we'll just watch from the corner and fire the Thanix here or there. Besides, these pilgrims have Domina powers, she'll be okay. Don't you remember what Nova did back in Point Juno?"
"Hmm she looks doable. Not as pretty as your girlfriend but doable. I'll bet..."
"You're on Mr. Taylor."

We walked back to the young lady and apologized for the sudden break in conversation. Calvin explained that we had some spice deliveries pending to the Fleet so we got scared at the mention of the Emperor.
She looked up at us with a brilliant smile.
"So, um.. Rose. We were wondering if you need some help in fighting those Sung. We fly an invisible ship to prevent our competitors from tracking our movements but as seen today, we also pack quiet a punch." I began.
"Why would a bunch of spice traders wanna help me fight the Sung?" she asked half suspiciously even as Calvin's hand moved towards his D-Eagle."
"The Sung have a special spice made from Rhino horn that they refuse to sell us. An attack on them would send them a very strong message and resume trade." I half fumbled.
"A spice made from Rhino horn? Well, I'm headed back to the Huari Fort to return those slave coffins and as we've seen today, I could use some help. Join in, I guess."
"Excellent! We'll be flying right beside you! Umm, ugh... Long Live Domina?" I said and she pulled a dirty smile.
We got up and began walking out. The Tinker master met us along the way bore into our eyes. I stopped and transferred 1000 Rins into his hand-held. The frown turned into a smile and he enthusiastically shook our hands.

Calvin pulled me aside as the young lady boarded her freighter. We walked over to a waiting auto-shuttle to take us to the Normandy which we had parked a good fifty miles away from the station.

"There is no FAKING THING AS RHINO SPICE! and LONG LIVE DOMINA?! Real smooth Mr. Baratheon, real smooth. You've been humping a pilgrim for the last five months and all you could frigging come up with was LONG LIVE DOMINA!"
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Ah! The general Reaper blade! Made of unpolished raw Dwarg Chiton.
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