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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Hi all,

I feel a bit silly posting this, but darn it, I want some kind of record up. My goal here was to play a complete, unmodded CC game, finishing all possible quests. The final score should be twice as high, because the single resurrection was due to a game crash. Even the reduced score wouldn't post to the Multiverse because it was "unable to authenticate"(?) In any case, here it is.


Adventure Domina & Oracus I: The Stars of the Pilgrim
Black Market rank Sindikat member
Commonwealth Fleet rank Fleet captain
Commonwealth militia rank Colonel
Corporate privateer rank Special Agent
Domina relationship Patriarch
Fate Left Human Space on a journey to the Galactic Core
Game Registered
Gender Human male
Insured by Clavius Insurance Conglomerate
Korolov rank Legend
Money (credits) 1,136,374
Money (rin) 494,677
Score 1,415,625
Ship class Wolfen-class gunship
Time played 1 day and 6 hours
Version 1.8 Beta 5.2
Version Created 1.8 Beta 4


Allowed Rama to meet his destiny
Allowed Volkov to find his wife
Became Defender of the Huari
Became Legendary Hero of the Arena
Befriended the Huari
Cleared the Charon system for Korolov Shipping
Defeated the Kronosaurus
Defended Fiona's freighter from Penitents
Defended Point Juno
Destroyed Benedict's autons in 4 minutes and 44 seconds
Destroyed Cyclops Lab X05
Destroyed the CSC Antarctica
Destroyed the Fortress in the Charon system
Destroyed the Silla anomaly
Found and delivered Professor Dall's alien sphere
Liberated Raisu station
Lost Jenna
Made contact with Stormhound
Raided Cyclops Corporation headquarters
Recovered Project Lamplighter prototype
Rescued Mr. Katami from the Black Market
Rescued Project Lamplighter scientists
Saved the Gunsan Complex from chimera infection
Visited the Huari temple in Huaramarca


Enemy ships destroyed 3522
Enemy stations destroyed 308
Friendly ships destroyed 20


Profit on arms 4,844,441
Profit on goods and materials 689,486
Profit on illegal items 88,747
Profit on luxury goods 210,288


Game resurrections 1
Never claimed life insurance
Never destroyed friendly stations


light Iocrym armor 4,864
diamond lattice armor 65,396
Jotun deflector 244,332
medium ithalium armor 4,574
orthosteel armor 6,118
heavy blast plate 534
light orthosteel armor 195
Yoroi S500 shield generator 19,070
ceralloy armor 98
heavy plasteel armor 6,814
Nephren P25 shield generator 27,864
plasteel armor 32
light plasteel armor 239
class II deflector 1,503


Iocrym command ship 1
Iocrym sentinel 47
Phobos-class dreadnought 11
Commonwealth Star Carrier 1
Gaian processor 10
Deimos-class destroyer 37
Chasm-class heavy gunship 94
Omnithor hunter-killer 41
Dragon Slaver 1
Cometfall-class missileship 7
Ventari destroyer 10
Tundra-class heavy gunship 115
Ares advanced sentry 108
Britannia-class chimera 2
EI7000-class chimera 5
Ranx dreadnought 15
Ares dual sentry 80
Excruciator-class destroyer 1
Lumiere destroyer 2
Centurion-class chimera 2
Centurion/X-class heavy gunship 5
Polar-class freighter 8
Ares sentry 72
Omnithor heavy gunship 69
Omnithor gunship 127
Zoanthrope behemoth 5
Kobol gunship 8
Manticore-class heavy gunship 3
Earth Slaver 21
Aurochs-class transport 4
Sandstorm-class gunship 610
Tripoli-class destroyer 1
Anubis-class armed transport 2
Dwarg master 15
Luminous drone 50
Ronin/C-class chimera 35
Centurion-class heavy gunship 31
Urak destroyer 15
Troglav-class frigate 3
Sung transport 7
Steel slaver 31
Drake-class chimera 8
Atonement-class heavy gunship 36
Revelations-class missileship 12
heavy IAV 2
Ranx gunship 182
Anika-class heavy gunship 4
Heliotrope frigate 14
Lumiere battle auton 20
Viking-class chimera 55
Wolfen-class gunship 3
Charon frigate 6
EI500-class freighter 2
T55-class armed transport 1
Barbary-class gunship 10
Repentant-class gunship 62
Sotho-class heavy gunship 17
Meth enforcer 26
Ronin/C-class gunship 4
Lumiere sentinel 26
Zoanthrope raider 152
Viking II-class gunship 87
Wind slaver 238
Drake-class missileship 24
Plague-class gunship 19
Heliotrope gunship 33
Marauder raid platform 8
Sapphire-class yacht 2
200A defender auton 2
Urak sentinel 74
Oromo-class heavy gunship 8
T31-class armed transport 7
Centauri heavy raider 11
Viking-class gunship 106
Ronin/B-class gunship 8
Corsair II-class gunship 90
Borer II-class gunship 29
Hammerhead II-class gunship 4
Likho-class heavy gunship 31
Ronin/A-class gunship 7
Zulu II-class gunship 15
EI100-class freighter 4
Sirin 3B-class gunship 15
Himal interceptor 3
Hornet-class battlepod 20
Borer-class gunship 13
Earthzone-class armed shuttle 2
Hammerhead-class gunship 15
light IAV 6
Corsair-class gunship 146
Zulu-class gunship 26
Sirin 3A-class gunship 22
TA3-class sentinel 12
Centauri raider 81


pteravore lair 6
Cyclops Lab X05 1
Ares commune 16
Ares shipyard 23
Omnithor settlement 8
Kobol warlord camp 2
Luminous Assembler 3
Omnithor autofac 6
Ranx fortress 6
Rogue Fleet settlement 2
Ares outpost 6
Omnithor lab 12
Penitent monastery 3
Ranx outpost 3
Rogue Fleet cache 7
Ventari colony 1
Dwarg fortress 4
Lumiere stronghold 4
outlaw pteracnium mine 5
Penitent sanctum 14
Sung citadel 3
Sung fortress 7
Curators stronghold 2
Cyclops Corporation HQ 1
Dwarg colony 20
Heliotrope colony 6
Marauder stronghold 1
outlaw duranium mine 4
Penitent shrine 5
container habitat 7
Death Drug Cartel outpost 5
Lumiere outpost 2
Marauder compound 3
Marauder outpost 5
Sapiens compound 5
Sung slave camp 4
Urak fortress 3
Anarchist settlement 2
Charon Pirates stronghold 14
Curators vault 6
Fortress of the Charon Pirates 1
Heliotrope outpost 3
outlaw haven 2
outlaw palladium mine 1
Sapiens camp 4
Urak mine 5
Abbasid outpost 7
Arco Vaughn's container habitat 1
Centauri warlord stronghold 3
Charon Pirates outpost 7
Himal refuge 2
outlaw base 4
outlaw camp 3
outlaw titanium mine 2
Urak outpost 2
Anarchist habitat 1
Centauri warlord camp 8
Charon Pirates cache 10
Curators outpost 5


Systems visited 38
Never reached the Galactic Core


Corporate Command


Ares plasma archcannon [+fast]
IM90 multitarget blaster [+110%]
NAMI heavy launcher
Jotun deflector [+70%]
2 segments of light Iocrym armor [+50%]
segment of light Iocrym armor [+20%]
segment of light Iocrym armor [+50%]
Hyperion reactor
4 patch spiders
high-speed howitzer loader
smuggler's cargo hold


yellow etherium field crystal
222 M5 Nemesis missiles
235 M2 Vulcan missiles
36 S3 Medusa missiles
42 hadron-vacuum fuel cells
2 gems of contrition
advanced analyzer
nodule of crystalline uranium
tritium injector
11 pteracnium fuel rods
5 gems of despair
Ares Campaign Ribbon
transpace jumpdrive
8 longzhu spheres
Commonwealth Medal of Honor
Commonwealth Medal of Distinction
Interstellar Miners Union identification chip
Commonwealth military identification chip
black market identification chip
system map ROM


Manticore-class heavy gunship 2
Sandstorm-class gunship 2
Molotok/B-class heavy gunship 1
Armstrong-class transport 1
Ferian miner 1
Zoanthrope raider 9
Ronin/B-class gunship 1
EI200-class freighter 2
Zulu-class gunship 1


light Iocrym armor
Ares plasma archcannon
diamond lattice armor
IM90 multitarget blaster
positron lancer
dual Fusionfire howitzer
Hyperion reactor
Jotun deflector
NAMI heavy launcher
side-mounted Fusionfire howitzer
Ares launcher
Koshiba-500 reactor
lithium booster
medium ithalium armor
orthosteel armor
Rasiermesser launcher
TM7 multitarget cannon
dual SAR/10 cannon
dual TeV 9 blaster
heavy blast plate
inertialess drive
kiloton cannon
light orthosteel armor
NAMI mine launcher
repeating mark V howitzer
SN2500 reactor
Thera cannon
transpace jumpdrive
Xenophobe ion lancer
Dragonfly missile system
high-speed howitzer loader
Nandao bolt cannon
Orkan launcher
patch spider
Thorin 10 repeater
Yoroi S500 shield generator
ceralloy armor
dual x-ray laser cannon
heavy plasteel armor
MRAD experiment
Nephren P25 shield generator
Nova-100 reactor
particle accelerator
chimeric seeker cannon
plasteel armor
smuggler's cargo hold
light plasteel armor
NAMI missile launcher
Rasiermesser SmartCannon
class II deflector
dual laser cannon
laser collimator
Nova-10 reactor


Agricultural colony missions 1
Commonwealth habitat missions 2
Commonwealth militia missions 6
Corporate privateer missions 15 (1 failed)
CSC missions 14
Gladiator fights 10
Huari Empire missions 10 (1 failed)
Korolov shipping missions 6
Mining colony missions 3
Money earned on missions 107,650
Psionics offered to Domina 38
Slaves freed 65
Value of supplies donated to Commonwealth Fleet 61,843


Ares plasma archcannon 890
IM90 multitarget blaster 10,826
M5 Nemesis missile 229
positron lancer 124
Ares Warhammer nuke 191
dual Fusionfire howitzer 2,122
Gotha-400 seeker 416
M2 Vulcan missile 163
NAMI heavy launcher 1,271
S3 Medusa missile 879
side-mounted Fusionfire howitzer 375
Ares launcher 353
Ares micronuke 162
CRM500 Running Man mine 315
Gotha-10 missile 253
Rasiermesser launcher 669
TM7 multitarget cannon 2,302
CRM100 Fatboy mine 67
dual SAR/10 cannon 391
dual TeV 9 blaster 8,631
kiloton cannon 10
NAMI mine launcher 382
Orkan 255 missile 301
repeating mark V howitzer 44
Thera cannon 71
Xenophobe ion lancer 294
XM900 Lucifer missile 227
Dragonfly missile system 943
Nandao bolt cannon 212
Orkan 131 missile 163
Orkan launcher 464
Thorin 10 repeater 122
dual x-ray laser cannon 5,114
chimeric seeker cannon 25
KM550 Broadsword missile 616
XM300 Reaper missile 58
KM110 Starburst missile 61
KM120 Brute missile 341
KM500 Stiletto missile 134
NAMI missile launcher 2,544
Rasiermesser SmartCannon 116
dual laser cannon 6,696
KM100 Longbow missile 1,107
Curious about real-life aliens?
Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Wait, the high-speed howitzer loader works with the APC? :shock:

Nice run, in any case! I could never be bothered to do all of the missions, in particular I always skip Benedict's autons because it amuses me to irritate him by refusing his training. :)
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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Location: New Orleans

Yes, to my pleasant surprise, the high-speed howitzer loader works with plasma cannons, including the APA, Lamplighter, and the Baihu Archcannon from EP. Not aure about the normal plasma cannon.

Curious about real-life aliens?
Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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It does not work with the Lamplighter or plasma cannon.
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