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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Version 2.01 now uploaded to the Multiverse. An updated version of Styro's Director's Cut adventure.
It features the same storyline as Part 1: Stars Of The Pilgrim (SOTP). Start in Eridani and make your way to the Core.
But there are more systems than SOTP. So more chances to attack, trade, do missions and explore. Includes the Benedict, Huari and Heretic missions and Elysium.

This version isn't compatible with Corporate Command (CC) or Semesta IGC. Semesta compatibility will be in the next version (since I've worked out how to do it now) and hopefully the CC systems and playerships, but not the Anton missions (I don't think these can be added using current code).

Adds stargates to Eridani, Charon, Point Juno and Heretic using xml functions.

Thanks to Styro, tachyonfang, community members for code help and George for a great game.
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